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Creative Clay Concepts Inc. Gallery

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Welcome to Creative Clay Concepts' Gallery. 

I am continually adding images to this sight so you can get an idea what my work looks like.  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.  Stay tuned for updates!


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Here is an example of a commercially purchased 6 inch by 6 inch black tile.  I then designed and fired the sea otter on the tile.  The white glaze leaves a raised image on the tile. 


This type of design is great for a inset or feature tile.  It allows you to keep the budget down, while having something unusual.

Tiles can be framed or mounted directly on the wall.

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Here is a larger image also put on commercially purchased tiles.  The posibilities are endless.


The items to the right are part of my "Stained Glass" Series.  Although all of the pieces are made out of clay and put togther at the end, the pieces resemble stained glass. 


Any design can be altered to fit this format.

wolf with grouted handmade tiles    caribou


I can make boxes or trivets for your favorite tiles Tiles can be put in a wood frame that can be put on the wall or used as a lid of a box (pictured on the far left).


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All items are  handmade by Alaskan artist, Carla Goldberg.  Each piece is a one of a kind.  Although the designs may be similar, each piece is painted freehand.  Therefore, there is variation with each piece.  If you have any questions, please contact

Carla Goldberg by e-mail or call her at 907-745-2408.  Thank you for visiting our site!

Creative Clay Concepts Inc.   1205 Josselin    Palmer, Alaska 99645