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Creative Clay Concepts Inc. - How She Does It

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Welcome to Creative Clay Concepts' How She Does It Page! 


Many people see my work at a craft show or an art event ask their friend:

"How does she do that?" 

Here are the basic steps that I go through to complete one design.  It can take four weeks just to complete one piece.

rolled clay

1.  The clay is rolled out on a slab roller.

cutting wet clay

2.  The design is cut into the wet clay.

3.  The tiles are then dried for several days and fired in the kiln.   The clay must dry very slowly or it will warp, just like wet wood.

Howl for Joy!

4.  The fired tiles are painted with underglazes and fired again. 

5.  The tiles are painted with a top coat of glaze that gives them a glossy look and fired for a third time.

6.  The tiles are then mounted and grout may be applied in between the tiles, depending upon the look you want.


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All items are  handmade by Alaskan artist, Carla Goldberg.  Each piece is a one of a kind.  Although the designs may be similar, each piece is painted freehand.  Therefore, there is variation with each piece.  If you have any questions, please contact Carla Goldberg by e-mail or call her at 907-745-2408.  Thank you for visiting our site!

Creative Clay Concepts Inc.   1205 Josselin    Palmer, Alaska 99645